We are looking for couples in which the female partner is older than her male partner. The woman must be at least 10 or more years older than her partner, and the couple must be married or in a committed relationship. The relationship must be ongoing for a year or more.

We would like to conduct interviews with each person in the couple separately. The interviews will be about an hour long, and will consist of 30 questions about the demographics of the couple (e.g. age, race, education, length of courtship), demographics of any children (e.g. number of children, age of children), benefits and drawbacks to this type of relationship, people’s reactions to this relationship (e.g. who knows, their responses), when does age difference come up as an issue (e.g. work/career, power struggles), and advice for other couples. Interviews will be conducted over the phone. The interviews will be kept completely confidential, and no names will appear in our report.  If you prefer to complete the questionnaire, you and your partner can complete it here on this website.  

If you or someone you know is involved in a marriage or committed relationship where the woman is significantly older than the man and would consider participating in this research, please feel free to contact us:
Sandy Caron at sandy.caron@umit.maine.edu or Nichole Proulx, LMFT at nichole.proulx@gmail.com.